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OELCHECK laboratory
OELCHECK laboratory
OELCHECK laboratory

The OELCHECK specialists

Analysis and diagnosis in Germany

If you collect a large amount of data, you need someone who interprets the outcome. Our experienced tribologists have a broad knowledge of mechanical engineering and extensive professional experience in a wide range of industries. This knowledge of the systems, machinery and production processes are just as crucial when creating lab reports as experience with the specific applications of the lubricants.

The tribologists provide comments on each individual lab report taking into account all data and drawing on their many years of experience. Customers will always receive a personal, individual reply to queries regarding the lab reports from our skilled staff.

The OELCHECK tribologists are recognized STLE Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS) and ICML Machinery Lubrication Analysts Level 2 (MLA 2) lubricant specialists playing active roles in DIN and ASTM standardization groups. Moreover, they are involved in lubricant committees and numerous international research projects.

Our goal is to realize cost reduction by oil analysis and to increase the reliability of your machines. The OELCHECK lab reports and the expertise of our experienced tribologists help you to detect damages on key components, extend oil change intervals and make maintenance activities more efficient. This helps you save money and protect the environment.