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Summer 2021


  • Check-up – 30 years of OELCHECK – a round number anniversary and many new projects ahead
  • OELCHECK Inside
    Passed: the monitoring audits DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001
    Sponsored: Fairy tale and children's theater days in Brannenburg
    Appealing: Our Website shines in new splendor
    Above average: Over 72% of our employees are vaccinated against Covid-19
  • Technology Focus
    • Extremely thin – yet fit in practice? The OW-X Generation Car Engine Oils 6
      This is how precisely OELCHECK detects water 7
    • Q&A
      Additional tests, the supplement to the all-inclusive analysis kits from OELCHECK

Spring 2021


  • Check-up – Initiative during the pandemic
  • OELCHECK Inside
    • OELCHECK Customer Survey 2020 – Summary
    • 350 square metres more – Conversion of OELCHECK laboratory
    • Laura Kukuk – Filming at OELCHECK
    • OELCHECK App 4.0 – Machine search now also without QR code
    • OilDoc Conference & Exhibition – OELCHECK is actively involved
  • OELCHECK Partner Forum
    • Gear oil in endurance test – Field test contributes to cost reduction
  • Technology Focus
    • New and exclusively from OELCHECK – Relative humidity and water saturation
    • Oxidation index – It clearly shows how modern lubricants age


Winter 2020


  • Check-up – Breathe new life into your workplace
  • Typical limit values for the analysis of coolants
  • Technology focus: Gas chromatographs, the finest detection noses in the OELCHECK laboratory
    • How gas chromatography works
    • Gas chromatographs in use
  • Antioxidants – Elixirs of life for modern lubricants
    OELCHECK checks oxidation with the RULER test and IR spectroscopy
  • OELCHECK Inside:
    • Communication and enjoyment in the new OELCHECK cafeteria
    • OELCHECK customer survey 2020 – how to take part
  • Q&A: The shear viscosity of lubricating greases

Summer 2020


  • Check-up – OELCHECK is systemically relevant for maintenance
  • OELCHECK Inside:
    App with new features – OELCHECK 4.0
    Data security – Awareness of digital risks
    Impressive visit to a paper factory
    OELCHECK is involved in innovative funding projects
    For the health of our employees
    Moving into the new OELCHECK building at the end of 2020
  • OELCHECK Partner Forum:
    TEDOM SCHNELL combined heat and power plants – More value from energy
  • Technology Focus: Alternative fuels – Types and their characteristics
  • Q&A:  Lubricants with a changed base oil – Effects


Winter 2019


  • Check-up – OELCHECK active in social networks
  • New analysis set for paper machines
  • Topping out ceremony for the largest OELCHECK building project to date
  • OELCHECK keeps growing – also globally
  • Employee event at Schliersbergalm
  • Technology focus: E-mobiles – Lubrication and cooling while electrified
    • How an electric vehicle works
    • Lubricants and coolants reinvented
    • OELCHECK challenged
  • Q&A: Can samples from other countries be examined by OELCHECK in Germany?

Summer 2019


  • Check-up – long-term employment instead of job hopping
  • Mandatory programme – Transformer oil analyses
  • REM-EDX – Composition determination of larger particles
  • Technology focus: Hydraulic fluids – clean is not pure
    • Purity classes and contamination degree
    • Filters and sensors
    • OELCHECK laboratory analyses for maximum security
  • OELCHECK Inside:
    • Exclusive agents in Russia and Taiwan
    • OELCHECK laboratory upgrade
    • New Head of Internal Sales – Driving force of success: Further education


Spring 2019


  • Check-up – USPs: Unique selling points with benefits for the customer
  • AN Acid Number – changing the standard creates confusion
  • bauma – test out the new OELCHECK-App
  • OELCHECK Inside
    • First-class occupational health care
    • One step ahead with continuous training
  • No cure without an integrated approach – guest article
  • Technology Focus: New! Non-ferrous metal inhibitor content (NFMIC)
    • Early detection of corrosive non-ferrous metal wear
    • Rapid and accurate with HPLC
  • Q&A: Clean sample bottles and purity classes


Winter 2018


  • Check-up – OELCHECK, a dream company
  • E-mobility – Our expertise is in demand
  • OELCHECK – Our all-inclusive analysis kits are now also available in Russia
  • China – Oil analyses for Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • A new building is on the way
  • New laboratory equipment at work – the FT-IR spectrometer
  • Technology Focus: Analysing lubricating greases
    • – OELCHECK all-inclusive analysis kits for lubricating greases
    • – Lubricating greases: their structure and function
    • – Sampling made easy
  • Q&A: What is a refractive index, exactly?



Summer 2018


  • Check-up – OELCHECK drones take to the skies
  • Reinforcements – New Scientific Team Assistants join our lab team
  • Exemplary – Workplace health promotion at OELCHECK
  • For the whole family – A team event in the mountains of Bavaria
  • Technology Focus: Hydraulic fluids
    • Problematic mixtures
    • Compatibility among hydraulic fluids
    • Compatibility analyses in the lab
  • Question time: How safe are my data with OELCHECK?



Spring 2018


  • OELCHECK continues to expand – Reinforcements for our team
  • OELCHECK team event – A trip to the frozen north
  • Technology Focus I: Engine oils for vehicles
    From reducing exhaust emissions to the e-drive – Current trends at a glance
    - A range of new duties for oil analysis
    • Technology Focus II: Coolant analyses detect damage in cooling systems
      - Custom-made analysis kits for examining coolants
      - On the trail of damage in cooling systems
      • Q&A: MPC test, a potent weapon in detecting sludge and varnish

      OELCHECKER 2017

      Winter 2017


      • New in the laboratory – Four-ball apparatus for determining wear properties
      • OELCHECK Wiki – Single point of contact for all aspects of lubricant analysis
      • News from China – Diagnosis and analytics „Made in Germany“
      • App launch I – Supporting Vestas with sample data entry in a class of its own
      • App launch II – Switch to the OELCHECK-App
      • Hot topic: Limit values and their importance
        - How are limit values determined? What role do trends play?
        - Which solutions does OELCHECK offer?
      • Q & A: Oxidation values reach their limits when it comes to ester oils

      Summer 2017


      • – A new information centre for lubricant analysis 
      • The new QR-Code service for our customers
      • New test method for fuels: carbon residue in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10370
      • Recertification audit for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 passed once again
      • Hot topic: air and foam in oil
        - Increased air content
        - Air release (LAV)
        - Why oils foam – foaming characteristics
        - How to avoid foam
      • In demand: zirconium – why does this element pop up in lab reports?

      Spring 2017


      • SEW-EURODRIVE: international cooperation with OELCHECK
      • Closeness to customers is the key to success – Our Customer Service & Sales Department is expanding
      • News from China – Sinopec optimises service with oil analyses
      • Hot topic: OELCHECK analysis kits for coolant and anti-freeze agents
        - The decisive investigative parameters
        - Five new all-inclusive analysis kits
        - The analysis – all aspects in focus
      • Classic Cars by Tom Fischer
      • News for gas engines – a kit that can do it all
      • Q&A - lubricating grease analyses, parameters and practical uses

      OELCHECKER 2016

      25 Years of OELCHECK


      • A family company is celebrating its birthday
      • Figures, data, facts - OELCHECK at a glance
      • Milestones
      • A large, international family - The OELCHECK team
      • Dream Company OELCHECK
      • and much more ...

      Winter 2016


      • The new OELCHECK-App passes the practical test at Availon
      • Keep cool at all times – even coolants need to be monitored
      • OELCHECK 2016 customer survey – 98% recommendation rate
      • The OELCHECK 2016 team excursion
      • Hot topic: OELCHECK makes your life easier!
        - Optimised Sample Information Forms
        - QR-Code meets OELCHECK-App
      • News from China
        - OELCHECK China – CNAS re-audit passed with flying colours
        - OELCHECK at China Wind Power and Inter Lubric

      Spring 2016


      • Visit us at bauma and other events
      • News from China – OELCHECK becomes CMA-certified and CNAS-accredited
      • Together unbeatable – Currenta benefits from the oil maintenance service from WESTO and OELCHECK lubricant analyses
      • Hot topic: Oil analyses – and how our professionals evaluate them
        - Valuable information – and how customers contribute to success
        - Examining all of the values – a threefold approach
        - The analysis – all aspects in focus
        - From standard procedure to the specifics – the diagnose statement

      OELCHECKER 2015

      Winter 2015


      • The intelligent giants from Konecranes
      • OELCHECK innovation – The IR Index sets standards
      • Six jokers in the pack – New complete sets for wind turbines
      • New in the laboratory – Oxidative stability of lubricating greases
      • News from China – MAN Diesel & Turbo PrimeServ
      • Hot topic: Higher sustainability and energy efficiency thanks to modern lubricants
        - Sustainability – the potential is still far from being fully realised
        - Higher energy efficiency – just a promise or a reality?
      • Success with quality – OELCHECK passes surveillance audits

      Summer 2015


      • Hot topic: The elements of a lubricant check III
        - Wear, contaminants or additives
        - Engine oils and their characteristic limit values for elements
      • News from China – Before the light goes out on the drilling rig
      • New oil – Problems despite perfect preparation
      • Enquiry – Comparability and reproducibility of analyses
      • Passed with flying colours – Certification for Oil Analysis Specialists
      • New in the laboratory - A robot specially developed for OELCHECK
      • UPS – Return shipment of oil specimens in Germany and abroad

      Spring 2015


      • Hot topic: The elements of a lubricant check
        - Wear, contaminants or additives
        - Gear and industrial oils and their typical limit values
      • New service – free returns of oil samples
      • Better safety – for gas engines and chlorine gas compressors
      • Less is more – loss of engine oils due to evaporation
      • Q&A – Engine oils, oil consumption or oil loss?
      • Forming the Future – Schuler leads in forming technology
      • News from China – Pirelli, millions of tyres made in China

      OELCHECKER 2014

      Winter 2014


      • LAB.REPORT – Intuitive working with the new customer portal
      • The FVA (Forestry test and research institute) visits OELCHECK
      • Viva España – the OELCHECK team in Andalucia
      • News from China – Travelling by high-speed rail
      • Hot topic: The elements of a lubricant check
        - The elements in the OELCHECK laboratory report
        - Wear, impurities or additives
        - Hydraulic oils and their typical limit values

      Summer 2014


      • Hot topic: OELCHECK SDA analysis service for 2-stroke diesel ship engines
        - Full speed ahead – lubricating large ship engines
        - SDA analysis service – for optimum engine management
        - The SDA laboratory report – a matrix for up to 12 cylinders
      • Nordex – Gear lubrication quality offensive
      • OELCHECK initiative: ASTM D7946 – New Standard for i-pH value!
      • News from China – Analyses for Chinese wind turbines
      • On our own behalf – the OELCHECK Advisory Service
      • Successfully passed – Repeat audits for the OELCHECK laboratory

      Spring 2014


      • Hako GmbH: Citymaster, sweeping for more cleanliness
      • OELCHECK laboratory technicians achieve LLA certification
      • Latest test equipment in the OELCHECK laboratory
      • News from China – Scania extends service life for HGV motor oils
      • HEW – Gas engines have run for 25 years without damage
      • Hot topic: New lubricant, improved performance?
        - Decision criteria when changing lubricants
        - Practical procedure when changing oils
        - Special features of lubricating greases
        - Control measures after changing lubricants

      • Q & A – The time factor when taking samples correctly

      OELCHECKER 2013

      Winter 2013


      • Bauer Maschinen revolutionises special foundation engineering
      • OELCHECK identifies solid impurities in lubricating greases
      • CM Technologies – condition monitoring on the high seas
      • Hot topic: The study of filter residues
        - The critical aspects of oil purity and filtering
        - What filter residues reveal – an example from real life
        - Correctly extracting filter specimens
        - Filter residue analyses in the OELCHECK laboratory

      • LEIPA – a global leader in quality products based on waste paper
      • Requested – soot index for oils from petrol engines

      Summer 2013


      • Doppelmayr – Number 1 in the global cableway market
      • OELCHECK China – Even better service, made in Germany!
      • OELCHECK- Leakage test on our sample delivery pouch
      • Bayernoil – Gas turbine generates power for a refinery
      • Hot topic: Monitoring hydraulic fluids
        - Current trends
        - Requirements of DIN 51524
        - OELCHECK Analyses kits for hydraulic fluids
        - OELCHECK Special investigations

      • Q & A – Seals leakages after oil change

      Spring 2013


      • Editorial – OELCHECK takes decisive steps for the years to come
      • OELCHECK – A strong brand with a new look
      • New services offered by the OELCHECK laboratory
      • Lubricants and Condition Monitoring – The Future Trends
      • Gas engine oils – Latest information on oxidation determination
      • China – Opening of the OELCHECK laboratory in Guangzhou
      • Q & A – How can there be high levels of wear metals with normal purity classes?
      OELCHECK Wiki