Conradson residue

OELCHECK test instrument: Micro Conradson
Sample quantity: 5 ml
Unit: % (weight)
Test result: Conradson carbon residue
Analysis for: heat transfer oils, compressor oils
Brief description: Carbon residue indicates the amount of residue produced when 10 grams of the oil for testing is smouldered in a special Conradson apparatus under defined conditions.
Statement: Residue in the form of carbon deposits or coke may be produced when mineral oils are exposed to excessive thermal load or do not combust completely due to a lack of oxygen. For heat transfer oils, carbon residue is an assessment criterion for oil change prolongation. For alloyed, low-ash compressor oils (VBL, VCL), potential deposits on valves can be detected from the carbon residue.
Underlying test standard: DIN EN ISO 10370, ASTM D4530 (comparable results as ASTM D189)
Comparable methods: DIN 51551-1: big approach
ASTM D189: big approach