Instruction on taking an oil sample

Sampling pump
Sample shipment
Laboratory report

Sample taking

  • Only in a clean and dry container - preferably directly in the OELCHECK all-inclusive sample bottle
  • During operation or immediately after a shutdown
  • At normal operating temperature (OELCHECK sample bottle suitable up to max. 80 °C)
  • Always at the same point with the same method
  • If possible, never from the filter, but just in front of the filter
  • Not shortly after an oil change or the topping up of large quantities of oil.

TIP: A very easy way to take oil samples is to use the OELCHECK sampling pump!


Peel off the laboratory number (barcode) from the sample information form. Stick it on the marked area on the sample bottle.

Complete the Sample Information Form

Use the enclosed Sample Information Form: Answer the questions on the Sample Information Form as completely as possible.

IMPORTANT: For trend analyses, always use the same term/name for the machine and component.

Sample shipment

  • Tear off the sample reference from the bottom of the Sample Information Form for your queries.
  • Put the sample bottle into the leak-proof envelope. Put the Sample Information Form into the window pocket.
  • Send the sample to LUBECHECK.
  • LUBECHECK organises a special collective shipment to Brannenburg, Germany.

What's next?

All samples are analysed and diagnosed in Germany. You will receive the laboratory report within 5 working days via email or retrievable online. Every report contains a detailed diagnosis of the analysed laboratory results. The name of the German expert who has made the diagnosis is written on it.